Our Optical Shop is committed to excellent customer service and providing our patients with the highest satisfaction.  Our Certified Opticians specialize in the care and understanding of all your vision requirements including your sunglass needs.

We continue to establish our standards of expertise by ensuring our opticians have the proper training, knowledge and ability to obtain up-to-date information in the optical industry.  If there is a particular eyeglass product and/or question that we may be unable to address at any time, we will research the information and relay our findings to our customers as soon as possible.

Here at our Optical Shop there is no need to print or cut out coupons or promotional codes.  We provide package pricing, second-pair discounts, specials and Every Day Sales on our eyeglasses!  We continue to honor “good old fashioned” genuine care and ask you to browse our Optical Shop for your new eyeglasses.

Out-of-Network Benefits?!? Most vision insurance companies provide Out-of-Network benefits, allowing the consumer, You, to choose where they prefer to purchase their eyewear. If you choose to go Out-of-Network, our Certified Opticians will apply a courtesy discount at the time of your order. Come in and ask one of our Certified Opticians!