Our Practice

Thank for visiting the virtual home of Maryland Eye Associates. Maryland Eye Associates is a group practice of board certified ophthalmologists, with offices in Prince Frederick and Annapolis, Maryland.

In 1977 Dr. Michael Dodd founded the ophthalmology practice that is now knows as Maryland Eye Associates.  The original office was in a small house on Main Street in Prince Frederick.  It has one exam room.  The practice today consists of offices in Prince Frederick and Annapolis.  There is a total of 17 exam rooms combined between the two offices as well as multiple ancillary rooms for photography, visual field and other high technology studies to benefit our patients.  Certified ambulatory surgery centers, in addition, are affiliated with the offices in Prince Frederick and Annapolis.  The practice offers a variety of comprehensive eye care, ranging from routine eye exams, contact lens care, and glaucoma management to the latest in cataract laser surgery.  Our staff of physicians includes Dr. Dodd, Dr. Jason Wanner, our glaucoma specialist, Dr. Marc Berry, our comprehensive ophthalmologist, Dr. Diane Chang, our newest comprehensive ophthalmologist and Dr. Scott Burge, our contact lens expert.  Our surgeons are board certified as the group has over 90 years of combined surgical experience in treating eye conditions.

“Our job is to provide care at the speed of safe” – author unknown