Patient Satisfaction

I would be remiss if I did not write to tell you how pleased I am with your caring and skill during the LASIK procedure I received on December 3rd. As you know, I am not young and had worn thick bifocal glasses constantly for about 60 years. My vision was 20/400 which is considered legally blind without glasses.

It is still difficult for me to believe that my distance vision in now better than 20/20 and has been since the day of the procedure. I feel as though I am seeing the world for the first time! What a wonderful experience! True I do need mild reading glasses for fine print but 90% of the time, I see very well indeed.

Thanks again to you, your staff and the folks over at TLC. Very best wishes for a Happy New Year.

J.F.T., Edgewater, MD

Cataract operation, performed by Dr. Michael Dodd, on my two eyes made a big difference – like night and day!

S.F.P., Port Republic, MD

After diagnosis and evaluation, cataract surgery performed by Dr. Michael Dodd, using up-to-date procedures, meets the creteria of “comfortable” surgery with the result of better vision.

As an aside, two retina specialists (seen for unrelated problem to cataracts) commented favorably on Dr. Dodd’s lens implants, there by reinforcing my opinion of his abilities as a surgeon.

A.S.W., Solomons, MD

Dr. Kathleen H. Miller is one of the kindest, gentle and caring persons I know. She restored the sight in both my eyes with no pain or fear. I would gladly put my life in her hands. She takes the time to explain anything to you, never rushes you. She has also cared for other members of my family and they all adore her.

R.J.G., Solomons, MD

I was very pleased with the result of my cataract surgery made by Dr. Michael Dodd.

C.R.W., Dunkirk, MD

My first operation, made by Dr. Dodd, was several years before my second. The sucess of the first left no question as to who would do the second.

I.C.T., St. Leonard, MD

Maryland Eye Associates have been very professional, give great support all questions and give excellent follow up care. My surgical excperience for a removal of a cataract was exceptional under the operative care of Dr. Kathleen H. Miller.

R. B., California, MD

My cataract operation was landled very professionally and efficiently by Dr. Michael J. Dodd.

N. C., Owings, MD

Dr. Dodd did a excellent job on my eyes. Thank you very much!

P. G., Lexington Park, MD