The majority of our appointments are made through telephone contact with one of our representatives at our offices.  To schedule an appointment please call 1-866-702-2020.  If you know which of our two locations you wish to visit, you may also call that office directly to schedule your appointment.

2002 Medical Parkway, Suite 310
Sajak Pavilion
Annapolis MD 21401
(410) 224-4550

Prince Frederick
800 Prince Frederick Blvd.
Prince Frederick, MD 20678
(410) 535-2270
(301) 855-1357

In order to perform a complete examination, dilation eye drops may be used. Dilation may temporarily blur your near vision and make you light sensitive. You may want to bring sunglasses and/or someone to drive you home. We ask that new patients please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so that the front desk may collect your information.  Whether you are a new or returning patient, you may visit our forms page to view, print, and fill out the information we would need to collect from you.  Having these forms filled out prior to arriving to your appointment may reduce your wait time.  Please be sure to bring your insurance card(s)/information to every appointment you attend and notify our front desk of any changes to your address, phont number, etc.  Please allow at least an hour for your appointment.  Your time in our office may be longer, depending on your specific needs, due to in-office tests needing to be performed.

If you are experiencing any symptoms or problems with your eyes which have arisen concern, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We do allow time within our doctor’s schedules for those patient’s experiencing medical eye emergencies.  These patients are seen promptly.