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The Maryland Eye Associates Optical Shop was established in 1978. We are proud to provide top-notch eye care in a friendly, professional atmosphere. You will never feel rushed or pressured into purchasing new eyeglasses. Our Certified Opticians relay their knowledge and convey respect to every customer, whether they are returning or new to us. We are eager to please and strive to offer the best advice so that you will be satisfied with your new style of eyeglasses.

We offer a price for everyone’s needs and stock over 700 frames, from popular designer names such as Silhouette, Vera Bradley, Fossil, Aspire, Bolle’, Helix, IZOD, JMC, Juicy Couture, and Serengeti, to our economy line. We also provide a variety of accessories, contact lens supplies, and ready-made reading glasses (Add powers +.75 to +6.00) as well as Fit Overs and Cocoons.

If you have general questions regarding eyeglasses, please give us a call and ask to speak to our optical manager.


Our Optical Shop is committed to excellent customer service and providing our patients with the highest satisfaction. Our Certified Opticians specialize in the care and understanding of all your vision requirements including your sunglass needs.

We continue to establish our standards of expertise by ensuring our opticians have the proper training, knowledge and ability to obtain up-to-date information in the optical industry. If there is a particular eyeglass product and/or question that we may be unable to address at any time, we will research the information and relay our findings to our customers as soon as possible.

Here at our Optical Shop there is no need to print or cut out coupons or promotional codes.  We provide package pricing, second-pair discounts, specials and Every Day Sales on our eyeglasses! We continue to honor “good old fashioned” genuine care and ask you to browse our Optical Shop for your new eyeglasses.

Out-of-Network Benefits? Most vision insurance companies provide Out-of-Network benefits, allowing the consumer, You, to choose where they prefer to purchase their eyewear. If you choose to go Out-of-Network, our Certified Opticians will apply a courtesy discount at the time of your order. Come in and ask one of our Certified Opticians!


Maryland Eye Associates’ Optical Shop has a wide selection of attractive and durable eyeglass frames.  Our optical displays signature name brand fashion frames. We carry frame materials such as TR90, titanium and memory metal for a lighter more comfortable fit. You will find many different styles including rimless, and sports eyewear.

Our Certified Opticians will assist you in selecting the frame shape and size that is more aesthetically pleasing and will consult with you to assure that the frame you select will compliment your vision needs.  Package pricing is available on designer frames and lenses, and special sales are offered every day!


Maryland Eye Associates’ Optical Shop offers a full range of choices in types of lenses, lens materials, and technologically advanced lens features. Doing business with independent laboratories, we are able to offer a variety of choices in materials and styles.

The materials from which lenses are made include plastic, glass, polycarbonate, and Hi-Index advanced materials. Each of these materials have advantages and disadvantages. Our certified opticians have the knowledge and training to assist you in selecting the material most beneficial to your vision correction. We recommend lenses such as Varilux, Zeiss, Hoya and Shamir.

As with any product, price varies greatly. The most technologically advanced Hi-Index(light weight) progressive lenses offer the greatest gains in vision correction. Our Certified Opticians will assist you in selecting the best lens for your vision correction needs at the best price for you.  Below is information regarding the types of lenses we offer:

The Varilux X Series lens provides wearers with the best vision possible at every distance, for every activity. The Varilux X extends the area of crisp vision within arm reach, therefore, patients no longer have to position their head to find “their right spot.”

Digital Lenses

Everyone can benefit from the accuracy of digital lenses. Digital lenses are six times more accurate than traditional lenses. Traditional lenses are like the old analog TVs. Digital lenses are like the HD TV, crisper unmatched depth and clarity.

High power prescriptions, astigmatism or progressive lens wearers will benefit from the accuracy of digital lenses.

Available in Single Vision and Progressive (no-line) lenses.

  • CR-39 (Plastic lenses): Plastic lenses are not recommended for high power prescriptions as plastic lenses weigh more than the thinner, lighter Hi-Index material. Plastic lenses are easily tinted and require a scratch-resistant coating to resist damage. Recommended prescription range is up to +/- 2.50.
  • Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate lenses are thinner and lighter than Plastic CR-39 lenses. Polycarbonate Impact-Resistant lenses are the preferred choice for safety glasses, sports, and eyewear for children and adults desiring lightweight protective lenses. Recommended prescription range up to a +/- 3.00.
  • Hi-Index: If you need high-powered prescription lenses you can improve the weight and appearance of your eyewear with special lens materials and designs.  Hi-Index 1.67 lenses will be up to 33% thinner than a standard plastic lens.  Recommended prescription range is +/- 3.00. Hi-Index 1.74 lenses provide the ultimate in thinness and lightness for high power prescriptions.  Recommended prescription range is +/- 5.00 or above.
  • Trivex: Trivex lenses are thin, lightweight and more impact-resistant than Polycarbonate lenses. Recommended prescription range is +/- 3.00.
  • Glass: Glass lenses offer the best protection against scratches, but can also shatter more easily than Plastic CR-39 lenses. Glass lenses are twice as heavy as plastic CR-39 lenses and the weight on the bridge of your nose can be very uncomfortable.

Optical Specials

Red Dot Sale

  • Single Vision Frame and Lenses start at $169.00
  • Bifocal $199.00
  • Trifocal $209.00
  • Computer Glasses $229.00
  • Progressive (No-line) $269.00

More options available such as Transitions, Polarized lenses with Red Dot frame. Includes * 1 year warranty * at no additional charge. Our Certified Opticians are available to answer all your questions. No discounts or previous orders apply. After cataract surgery, medically necessary eye glasses please ask a Certified Optician.


An important component of caring for your vision is protection from the harmful rays of the sun. In addition, quality sun wear provides greater comfort for outdoor activities.  We carry polarized sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. The Optical Shop of Maryland Eye Associates carries a variety of sun wear, such as BCBG, Bolle, Vera Bradley, Brendel, IZOD, Modo, Carrera, Chesterfield, Ellen Tracy, Geoffrey Beene, JMC, Juicy Couture, Serengeti, and Swoon.

  • Ultraviolet Radiation: UV radiation is part of the electromagnetic (light) spectrum that reaches the earth from the sun. It is invisible to the naked eye. These wavelengths are classified as UVA, UVB and UVC.  UVA and UVB penetrate the atmosphere and is believed to play a role in conditions such as eye damage (including cataracts), premature skin aging, and skin cancers. Most UVC is absorbed by the ozone layer and does not reach the earth.
  • Transitions: Lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark. They also reduce eye strain and eye fatigue. Transition lenses block 100% of UVA/UVB light.
  • Polarized: Sunglasses which are polarized eliminate glare by reducing its blinding effect.  They are great for driving because they filter out glare that reflects off roads and the hood of your car. Polarized sunglasses are a favorite for fishermen as they help to filter out surface glare so they can see fish clearer. ExperioUV Polarized Sun lenses provide superior clarity. Normal sunglasses only decrease the intensity of light and make things seem a little darker. There is a simple way to test to see if your polarized sunglasses are truly polarized. While sitting at your computer, hold your sunglasses by the temples (the pieces that go behind your ears) as if you are going to put them on. Then turn them at an angle until you see the lenses become dark. This assures you that your sunglasses are polarized. Our Optical Shop will be happy to assist you with your sunglasses. Just bring your sunglasses to our Optical Shop and we will verify if you are wearing polarized lenses. If we made your polarized lenses, you can be assured it truly is polarized.

A/R Coating

Anti-glare coating is an anti-reflective coating to provide the clearest vision possible. The benefits of anti-reflective coating are due to the ability to eliminate reflections including reducing eye strain from computers, safer nighttime driving, and reflection free appearance.

The quality of the anti-reflective coating chosen may differ from brand to brand. Our Optical Shop prefers using Crizal® no-glare lenses.

Help protect your eyes from the harmful blue-violet and UV light with Crizal® Prevencia™.  Blue-violet light is present everywhere and is also emitted from computers, laptops and tablets. Brochures are available with more information on protecting you and your children’s eye sight.


We offer quality eyewear and stand behind the products we sell. We assure that the product you receive is fabricated according to the prescription from your doctor. Recognizing that your eyeglasses are custom made specifically for you, we will work to assure that you are pleased with your purchase.

If you have general questions regarding eyeglasses, please give us a call and ask to speak to our optical manager.

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